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Days 9, 10: Jellyfish, Drizzle

“Let / us be bees / watching over this / amazing queen.”

Can we all just agree that I’m a bitch?

I’ve thought this for a long time. Nice of Bookfox to say it so clearly: Open Letter to Pushcart Nominated Folk You realize of course if I ever get nominated I’ll be having it skywritten over Manhattan…

Getting things done

Okay, doctor so there are writers with more on their plate (read: more than one sprite) than I do who still manage to get it done. Meena, who I met on FB, has one set of really organized strategies. The first part looked very much like what I do (though I have never thought to […]

Buy this book

Monster Poems, pills by Daniel Ari”>

New Years Resolutions and other ephemera

One of the FB groups I’m part of (which could be a blog post of its own – I really hate the idea of being largely supported by online community, and yet that’s where I’m getting almost all of my “artistic” support)….wait, let’s start that again: I’m a member of a FB group in which […]

Stories as told by Vonnegut and a chalkboard

I find this NPR story a bit…driveling…but it’s totally made up for by the wonderful clip of Vonnegut graphing a number of “base” plotlines (boy meets girl, Cinderella, etc). Totally worth watching, plus the bunnies are cute 🙂 Vonnegut graphs the classics

A nice summary of what the White House did to celebrate Poetry Month, PLUS a link to some of Obama’s college poetry (he’s a better president than poet, imho) The good stuff lost in the hip-hop controversy

One for everyone like me…

who just needs to get over themselves a little

Another great blog

Okay, this is turning into the best thing about the poetry challenge (most of the prompts so far haven’t spoken to me – I think I’m too concrete or something equally scientific and medical and prosaic): I’ve run into some very cool blogs. There’s a wonderful poem on day 8’s prompt (Agreement)with a terrific afterward […]

interview with a banana

One of the poets that hangs at Poetic Asides, Banana the Poet, gave a fun interview on a blog site that covers interesting indie writing that shows up on twitter. A lot of her poems cheer me up so her site is worth checking out as well