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no. no. nonet.

I usually avoid writing about depression, because – like Beelzebub or my largest cat – if you name it, it comes running up to twine around your ankles and generally make a nuisance of itself.

actually about writing…

So the official announcement of the Writers Rising Up calendar project is here: Writers Rising Up Calendar 2013 I was having a moment of  “any club that wants me as a member…” about the project, but once I saw the photo, I gave myself permission to be proud of my contribution. That photo makes me […]


…I’m glad I got some stuff back out there. I thought the chances of writing one of the twelve poems chosen to grace a calendar were approximately one zilch and a half, but I guess I was wrong. Spaces of Spring – a group of three haiku, each in the traditional English format except for […]

I want to grow up and become Ted Kooser

    Actually, that’s really all I have to say.


I don’t think it’s an accident that I’m having something that’s suspiciouslylike a midlife crisis right at the start of the April Writer’s Digest Poetry challenge. What kind of midlife crisis you ask (okay, you didn’t, but you’re getting it anyhow – not too late to click over to the daily crossword)? Well, it’s one […]

Pif magazine

Sometimes, it’s best to let the words speak for themselves:   Ms. Roy-Faderman Congratulations, your poetry submission “Goodhue’s Folly” has been selected to appear in the upcoming February issue of Pif Magazine. If necessary, please send me an updated bio to attach to the piece (about 2-3 sentences), along with any revisions you’d like to […]

Stanford guy makes poetry meaningful

Gioia’s name pops up periodically (he’s one of those legend-y types that graduated from Stanford…man, I come from Quite A School). Stanford’s FB group just put up a link to his rather fab essay on whether poetry can matter which is worth looking at.

Oh, and by the way

yes, I’m still hanging in on the chapbook challenge over at WritersDigest. And….I’m cleaning up a small group of poems to send out, if I can only find some appropriate venues. Animal poetry, anyone?

Shadow artists

If you’ve ever read J. Cameron’s The Artist’s Way (if you’re blocked, it’s a good resource to start with, though different people feel differently about the vaguely 12-step approach. I should also mention that as far as I can tell from some minimum research is related to this book/method – she doesn’t seem to be […]

in case you were wondering…

…if it makes any difference to the annoyance level of spam if you know about the drugs they’re flacking, the answer is NO. They’re maximally annoying Just like they would be if I had no freaking clue what they were talking about. On other fronts: Today’s poetry prompt starts with the phrase “Better safe…” For […]