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Category Archives: Ten-Second Tip (TST)

TST: How to break spaghetti

Okay so everyone is going to read this and say, “You mean you only just figured this out?” But I’m passing it on anyhow because I’m proud of having figured it out: You know how you’re supposed to¬† break dried spaghetti before you put it into boiling water? Particularly if you have a kid who […]

Vinegar Fridays – something for everyone

So anyone who knows me (or has just gotten nosy around my cupboards) knows that I always have 1-2 gallons of white vinegar sitting under the kitchen sink. NOT because I’m “Green,” not because I’m concerned it doesn’t smell as bad as toxic cleansers, not because I’m frugal, but because I’m DESPERATE for time. Anything […]

ten second tip: desperation use 409

I don’t like modern made-to-clean non-soap cleaners. They usually smell like hell and remove the skin off of my hands. And when I wash them down the drain, I feel like I’m personally killing all the interesting fish and cute little otters in the bay. However, I ran across a problem for which an artist […]

Ten-Second Tip: burnt pots

If you burn stuff to the inside of the pot and nothing works: fill it with water and soak. for days if necessary. I’ve saved several good pots and pans that way; after a few days, you can just dishsoap and sponge it away, no scrubbing. If you’re positive the burnt stuff doesn’t react to […]