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Category Archives: Personal life-such as it is

TST: How to break spaghetti

Okay so everyone is going to read this and say, “You mean you only just figured this out?” But I’m passing it on anyhow because I’m proud of having figured it out: You know how you’re supposed to¬† break dried spaghetti before you put it into boiling water? Particularly if you have a kid who […]

Days 9, 10: Jellyfish, Drizzle

“Let / us be bees / watching over this / amazing queen.”

Absolute Fury

I was so depressed because I’ve had poems rejected by two of my favorite journals (Pear Noir! and FailBetter). Not angry, just depressed. I got over the rejections (particularly from Pear Noir! I keep hoping I’ll get good enough for them some day) long enough to send out a couple of batches of poems (some […]


She was Blanche/and I loved her.

a poem for prose posies

Mockingbird The house sleeps as I work. My mockingbird sings the dark from the fence near my window. The night breeze cools us. Sometimes we sing together. I’ve always loved short form poems, but have really gotten into reading and writing them recently. I suspect this is indicative of the state of my life currently, […]

Frying Tortillas

ow much better life would be (she exclaims) if I could set aside time each day or week or month for each of these things so that I’d never be cramming for one of them when it’s gotten out of control! I was not a last-minute disseration/paper crammer type in grad school…wtf happened?

Goals (note: Not Resolutions!) 2012

i’ve been trying not to wander into the realm of “you’ve got to be kidding me” with the goals, but finally realized that i have no idea how much time any of the things in my life actually take. someone asked me to keep a time log to see where my time was going and […]

In which nothing happens

I understand that some people experience a kind post-Nano depression in December. I think I had it for a day or two – sort of like post-partum depression but without the grandparents all standing around worrying about whether the baby is perfect and telling you that it’s all your fault because god knows losing two […]

I have *clearly* lost my mind

Okay, so with Ye Childe in school between 4 and 6 hours a day, I decided to go for it. I’m doing Nano, I’m doing the Writers Digest Poetry Chapbook Challenge, and I’m still teaching, and still mom-ing/cooking/laundering/etc. You’ll notice that cleaning is NOT on that list – the house looks like the last 7 […]

and now, back to our regularly scheduled program

how did four months go by? someday i’ll have to write a sit com about the rebuild from hell – starting with the toxic mold and ending with the day that some carpet guys were supposed to do the install and instead i found their store closed with chains around the door handles and a […]