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Days 9, 10: Jellyfish, Drizzle

“Let / us be bees / watching over this / amazing queen.”

Sirenia, Poppy, Day 7

We had another poet added to our list and since she should have received my first poem, I sent one to her today as well as to the person who was next on the list given where I was. I wish I could do this every day for the rest of my life. Even if […]

Day 3 Phoebe, Like Penelope

Phoebe, pill like Penelope Bones as hard as rock and roll, store Phoebe, physician like Penelope, waits. Not a spider, Not a crow, But a bivalve. Once she starts to weave this story, There’s no turning back, Whether he comes through a door, Whether there is mud on his boots, Whether he leaves glove-smudge or […]

August poems Day 1

With my previous post, I made this crazy commitment to write a poem a day and send it off to another poet, as part of the August Postcard Poetry Fest. I’ve been avoiding posting poems in public online spaces, because many venues (ahem. y’all know who you are) consider those poems then to be “published” and […]


I made a New Year’s promise (semi publicly, no less) that I was going to start writing practice again. The work life involves a fair bit of writing at this point, but for a while I did it every evening. And then, I didn’t, and I don’t know why. I got the idea of writing […]

no. no. nonet.

I usually avoid writing about depression, because – like Beelzebub or my largest cat – if you name it, it comes running up to twine around your ankles and generally make a nuisance of itself.


…I’m glad I got some stuff back out there. I thought the chances of writing one of the twelve poems chosen to grace a calendar were approximately one zilch and a half, but I guess I was wrong. Spaces of Spring – a group of three haiku, each in the traditional English format except for […]


I don’t think it’s an accident that I’m having something that’s suspiciouslylike a midlife crisis right at the start of the April Writer’s Digest Poetry challenge. What kind of midlife crisis you ask (okay, you didn’t, but you’re getting it anyhow – not too late to click over to the daily crossword)? Well, it’s one […]

I may be crazy, but…

I did it. It’s not done, and it needs…I can’t even call it a rewrite. It needs a reorg to take care of the sort of wavy-hills of plot twists (rather than work up to a big climax or at least one minor one major). It needs an ending. I need to focus on one […]

and now, back to our regularly scheduled program

how did four months go by? someday i’ll have to write a sit com about the rebuild from hell – starting with the toxic mold and ending with the day that some carpet guys were supposed to do the install and instead i found their store closed with chains around the door handles and a […]