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I made a New Year’s promise (semi publicly, no less) that I was going to start writing practice again. The work life involves a fair bit of writing at this point, but for a while I did it every evening. And then, I didn’t, and I don’t know why. I got the idea of writing […]

Happy Birthday, Cara!

I don’t think of myself who likes to write collaboratively when writing creatively. But that’s probably not a realistic assessment of what kind of writer I am. For one thing, I love writing academic papers with other people; for another, I had SO much fun contributing the Cara Holman’s birthday renku that I want to […]

Absolute Fury

I was so depressed because I’ve had poems rejected by two of my favorite journals (Pear Noir! and FailBetter). Not angry, just depressed. I got over the rejections (particularly from Pear Noir! I keep hoping I’ll get good enough for them some day) long enough to send out a couple of batches of poems (some […]

Writers are not the enemy

It’s funny, creative writers these days talk the talk about community, but the real attitudes of writers is a real mixed bag. I belong to some groups that are phenomenal (Hi Humpties! Hi PA Friends! You know who you are!), but I know other writers who are envious, bitter, greedy, competitive (the hamstring-cutting sort of […]

a poem for prose posies

Mockingbird The house sleeps as I work. My mockingbird sings the dark from the fence near my window. The night breeze cools us. Sometimes we sing together. I’ve always loved short form poems, but have really gotten into reading and writing them recently. I suspect this is indicative of the state of my life currently, […]

Love this blog

Red Handed Just sayin…

Vinegar Fridays – something for everyone

So anyone who knows me (or has just gotten nosy around my cupboards) knows that I always have 1-2 gallons of white vinegar sitting under the kitchen sink. NOT because I’m “Green,” not because I’m concerned it doesn’t smell as bad as toxic cleansers, not because I’m frugal, but because I’m DESPERATE for time. Anything […]