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in case you were wondering…

…if it makes any difference to the annoyance level of spam if you know about the drugs they’re flacking, the answer is NO. They’re maximally annoying Just like they would be if I had no freaking clue what they were talking about. On other fronts: Today’s poetry prompt starts with the phrase “Better safe…” For […]

Writer’s Digest Poet Laureate 2009?

Okay, so I hereby submit my guess about the PL for 2009 at WD. It’s going to be J. Alvey or J. Martin. So if one of them wins, you heard it here first guys 🙂 Almost everyone suggested Walt, and while I can see why – he wrote a lot of terrific stuff – […]

2 Weds prompts, other thoughts

We had two Weds. prompts that I haven’t written about, one that came very easily for me, one that there’s something *there* but’ find it. Man, sometimes I hate poetry. The prompt I had trouble with was to start a poem with “No One’s Worth…” I knew immediately what I wanted to say, and I […]

Wednesday prompt: Summer

This was tough for me, because I dislike summer. If there were a known phenomenon of SAD where the season in question were the was the sunny one, I would be its posterchild. So how to write about something you dislike without grumbling? Interestingly, several people on the Poetic Asides blog did do so – […]

Wednesday poetry prompt: “Don’t you…”

Unfortunately, this prompt brought to mind that Simple Minds song, “Don’t you – forget about me….” Which is depressing both because it shows that I’m old and because it’s now been replaying itself  in my head for the past 8 hours. Don’t say I don’t suffer for my art. Don’t You Dance With The Fairies? […]

Wednesday Prompt: Write about spring

If you’d like to see the prompts week to week or are curious about what people write, you can click the Poetic Asides link in the blogroll. Fire Drill Unfurled, the convertible grasps the sun. Blue flashes by with the last drops of rain. The truck basks at the light, drying its shell. Of a […]