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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Wednesday poetry prompt: “Don’t you…”

Unfortunately, this prompt brought to mind that Simple Minds song, “Don’t you – forget about me….” Which is depressing both because it shows that I’m old and because it’s now been replaying itself  in my head for the past 8 hours. Don’t say I don’t suffer for my art. Don’t You Dance With The Fairies? […]

The ridiculous blah blah that goes with original work

A lot of the stuff that’s going to appear here is drafting work for things that I’m going to edit and try to publish. Until I get a chance to get to creative commons, I’m going to ask that none of these pieces be reprinted/posted in any form without my express permission. I retain copyright. […]

Wednesday Prompt: Write about spring

If you’d like to see the prompts week to week or are curious about what people write, you can click the Poetic Asides link in the blogroll. Fire Drill Unfurled, the convertible grasps the sun. Blue flashes by with the last drops of rain. The truck basks at the light, drying its shell. Of a […]