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Monthly Archives: August 2009

in case you were wondering…

…if it makes any difference to the annoyance level of spam if you know about the drugs they’re flacking, the answer is NO. They’re maximally annoying Just like they would be if I had no freaking clue what they were talking about. On other fronts: Today’s poetry prompt starts with the phrase “Better safe…” For […]

writing about dysfunction

I’ve run into a very weird problem. On the one hand, it would explain why I’ve been really really reluctant to return to fiction (as opposed to just vaguely reluctant, which could be explained by usual fear-of-failure bs). On the other hand, there is no obvious way to handle the problem. I’ve just started looking […]

Ten-Second Tip: burnt pots

If you burn stuff to the inside of the pot and nothing works: fill it with water and soak. for days if necessary. I’ve saved several good pots and pans that way; after a few days, you can just dishsoap and sponge it away, no scrubbing. If you’re positive the burnt stuff doesn’t react to […]

what is: the ten second tip?

okay, so what are these ten second tips? they’re things that can’t necessarily be done in 10 seconds, but can be read in 10 seconds. which is usually about the amount of time i have to get housekeeping tips when i’m desperate. so i’m putting them in here on the assumption that there are other […]

Writer’s Digest Poet Laureate 2009?

Okay, so I hereby submit my guess about the PL for 2009 at WD. It’s going to be J. Alvey or J. Martin. So if one of them wins, you heard it here first guys 🙂 Almost everyone suggested Walt, and while I can see why – he wrote a lot of terrific stuff – […]