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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Day 7, fer real now, and Day 9

First, here’s a version (not the same one I posted on the challenge, and nowhere near the final version) of the “real” plant poem (real as opposed to silliness) Ginkgo biloba The ginkgo effaces itself on a suburban lawn dropping golden fans in the autumn and stinking seeds in the spring. It stretches across the […]

Day 7s poem

Day 6s was about being covered or uncovered, just the skeleton. Day 7s prompt is about plants, and while I feel something serious burgeoning, this couplet wouldn’t let me g, so I had to post it: Anemones Oh, we get less respect than ants, Who’re never taken for mere plants. Note to self: write a […]

Day 7 of Nov PAD, note this is day 6 poem

So, okay, a theme emerges – something about evolution and time. Maybe that the organismal evolution somehow makes time more flexible, or fluid, or gives a way to maneuver through or past it. I can handle that. The poems however are going to need some work, but hell that’s okay 🙂 Ardi The wind uncovered […]

Day 6 of the November poem-a-day challenge

I’m really “off” right now in a way I wasn’t in the April PAD challenge. I think it’s that I’m coping with a stressed kid, stressed husband, stressful move, stressful job transition for stressed husband, and…I’m stressed. I get this weird “floating out of my body” feeling when I’m really stressed and I find that […]