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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Another great blog

Okay, this is turning into the best thing about the poetry challenge (most of the prompts so far haven’t spoken to me – I think I’m too concrete or something equally scientific and medical and prosaic): I’ve run into some very cool blogs. There’s a wonderful poem on day 8’s prompt (Agreement)with a terrific afterward […]

Stanford guy makes poetry meaningful

Gioia’s name pops up periodically (he’s one of those legend-y types that graduated from Stanford…man, I come from Quite A School). Stanford’s FB group just put up a link to his rather fab essay on whether poetry can matter which is worth looking at.

Oh, and by the way

yes, I’m still hanging in on the chapbook challenge over at WritersDigest. And….I’m cleaning up a small group of poems to send out, if I can only find some appropriate venues. Animal poetry, anyone?

Nice poem by BriarCat

Maybe this got to me particularly because I love my cats so much, or because loss is always going to have a visceral reaction for me before I can even process it rationally, but I wept over this poem : Miranda, A Healing I’m glad Miranda’s well now.

Okay, writing after all.

I am not up to the novel writing challenge this month, frustrating since I have two different novels started, with one actually having a formal plot line done (which is like some kind of miracle for me…I never plot ANYTHING). But in cheap psychology mode, I decided that I’d better do something that I actually […]