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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Vinegar Fridays – something for everyone

So anyone who knows me (or has just gotten nosy around my cupboards) knows that I always have 1-2 gallons of white vinegar sitting under the kitchen sink. NOT because I’m “Green,” not because I’m concerned it doesn’t smell as bad as toxic cleansers, not because I’m frugal, but because I’m DESPERATE for time. Anything […]

Pif magazine

Sometimes, it’s best to let the words speak for themselves:   Ms. Roy-Faderman Congratulations, your poetry submission “Goodhue’s Folly” has been selected to appear in the upcoming February issue of Pif Magazine. If necessary, please send me an updated bio to attach to the piece (about 2-3 sentences), along with any revisions you’d like to […]

Goals (note: Not Resolutions!) 2012

i’ve been trying not to wander into the realm of “you’ve got to be kidding me” with the goals, but finally realized that i have no idea how much time any of the things in my life actually take. someone asked me to keep a time log to see where my time was going and […]