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Monthly Archives: April 2012

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Monster Poems, pills by Daniel Ari”>

Writers are not the enemy

It’s funny, creative writers these days talk the talk about community, but the real attitudes of writers is a real mixed bag. I belong to some groups that are phenomenal (Hi Humpties! Hi PA Friends! You know who you are!), but I know other writers who are envious, bitter, greedy, competitive (the hamstring-cutting sort of […]


She was Blanche/and I loved her.

a poem for prose posies

Mockingbird The house sleeps as I work. My mockingbird sings the dark from the fence near my window. The night breeze cools us. Sometimes we sing together. I’ve always loved short form poems, but have really gotten into reading and writing them recently. I suspect this is indicative of the state of my life currently, […]

Love this blog

Red Handed Just sayin…

Frying Tortillas

ow much better life would be (she exclaims) if I could set aside time each day or week or month for each of these things so that I’d never be cramming for one of them when it’s gotten out of control! I was not a last-minute disseration/paper crammer type in grad school…wtf happened?

I want to grow up and become Ted Kooser

    Actually, that’s really all I have to say.


I don’t think it’s an accident that I’m having something that’s suspiciouslylike a midlife crisis right at the start of the April Writer’s Digest Poetry challenge. What kind of midlife crisis you ask (okay, you didn’t, but you’re getting it anyhow – not too late to click over to the daily crossword)? Well, it’s one […]