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Monthly Archives: July 2012


I made a New Year’s promise (semi publicly, no less) that I was going to start writing practice again. The work life involves a fair bit of writing at this point, but for a while I did it every evening. And then, I didn’t, and I don’t know why. I got the idea of writing […]

no. no. nonet.

I usually avoid writing about depression, because – like Beelzebub or my largest cat – if you name it, it comes running up to twine around your ankles and generally make a nuisance of itself.

Happy Birthday, Cara!

I don’t think of myself who likes to write collaboratively when writing creatively. But that’s probably not a realistic assessment of what kind of writer I am. For one thing, I love writing academic papers with other people; for another, I had SO much fun contributing the Cara Holman’s birthday renku that I want to […]

actually about writing…

So the official announcement of the Writers Rising Up calendar project is here: Writers Rising Up Calendar 2013 I was having a moment of  “any club that wants me as a member…” about the project, but once I saw the photo, I gave myself permission to be proud of my contribution. That photo makes me […]


…I’m glad I got some stuff back out there. I thought the chances of writing one of the twelve poems chosen to grace a calendar were approximately one zilch and a half, but I guess I was wrong. Spaces of Spring – a group of three haiku, each in the traditional English format except for […]

Absolute Fury

I was so depressed because I’ve had poems rejected by two of my favorite journals (Pear Noir! and FailBetter). Not angry, just depressed. I got over the rejections (particularly from Pear Noir! I keep hoping I’ll get good enough for them some day) long enough to send out a couple of batches of poems (some […]