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Monthly Archives: August 2012

TST: How to break spaghetti

Okay so everyone is going to read this and say, “You mean you only just figured this out?” But I’m passing it on anyhow because I’m proud of having figured it out: You know how you’re supposed to  break dried spaghetti before you put it into boiling water? Particularly if you have a kid who […]

Days 9, 10: Jellyfish, Drizzle

“Let / us be bees / watching over this / amazing queen.”

Inspired by Chris J., Day 8

When we start getting postcards, the idea of the August Poetry Postcard Fest is that you send a poem to your next poet inspired by the poet you got a poem from most recently. So it’s like playing operator, but with poems. Mostly, on this one, I love the card. Dust

Sirenia, Poppy, Day 7

We had another poet added to our list and since she should have received my first poem, I sent one to her today as well as to the person who was next on the list given where I was. I wish I could do this every day for the rest of my life. Even if […]

Caliban, Days 4 and 5

Got my lovely first postcard with a sleek, beautiful poem – a poetic reminder of why we write. As a result, I’m feeling extra-guilty that I’m behind on posting these (I also realized that I’m going to have to stop putting the text of the poems up – long story, but basically, they seem to […]

Day 3 Phoebe, Like Penelope

Phoebe, pill like Penelope Bones as hard as rock and roll, store Phoebe, physician like Penelope, waits. Not a spider, Not a crow, But a bivalve. Once she starts to weave this story, There’s no turning back, Whether he comes through a door, Whether there is mud on his boots, Whether he leaves glove-smudge or […]

Day 2 (August Poetry Postcard Fest)

Monster the monster cuts silver ribbons like a mayor of night and a million million eyes splinter into fragments of light. this is no ordinary Argus, healing who coalesces in the four corners of the underworld, healing sings only in silver and never sleeps.  

August poems Day 1

With my previous post, I made this crazy commitment to write a poem a day and send it off to another poet, as part of the August Postcard Poetry Fest. I’ve been avoiding posting poems in public online spaces, because many venues (ahem. y’all know who you are) consider those poems then to be “published” and […]