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a poem for prose posies


The house sleeps as I work.
My mockingbird sings the dark
from the fence near my window.
The night breeze cools us.
Sometimes we sing together.

I’ve always loved short form poems, but have really gotten into reading and writing them recently. I suspect this is indicative of the state of my life currently, but that’s okay since I’ve written short form poetry for a long time.

Anyhow, Cara Holman at Prose Posies is a PHENOM. writer (I’ve run across her work accidentally a couple of times in the past week reading magazines I love and man, she’s GOOD). She’s also made a request for poems for “Poem in your Pocket” day. I’ve been meaning to write about my 2 a.m. visitor recently (there have been a lot of 2 a.m.s recently!) so I’m sharing this with you and with her…

I’m thinking that I’d like to write a whole series about him – he’s always there, he’s got a series of songs he prefers (I’m guessing he picks certain sounds out of the array around us, because the other local mockingbirds are more catholic in their tastes) and he seems to really like the company – getting to the fence near my window isn’t that easy, and he makes sure he’s in my eyesight. I guess I like it because it’s something like love.

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