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Happy Birthday, Cara!

I don’t think of myself who likes to write collaboratively when writing creatively. But that’s probably not a realistic assessment of what kind of writer I am. For one thing, I love writing academic papers with other people; for another, I had SO much fun contributing the Cara Holman’s birthday renku that I want to do something like that again. The sprite and I watched it unfold as so many people contributed and somehow it all worked together – organically (which struck me as the coolest part).Anyhow, if you’d like to see the finished poem, check out Cara’s blog


  1. Cara Holman wrote:

    Thanks for linking to my post, Ina. I’m so glad you took part in the renku! This is the third time I’ve attempted a renku on my blog, and I find it fascinating how people across the globe can come together to write and have the result be so cohesive. I will definitely be trying it again, and hope you come back for more!

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  2. admin wrote:


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