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August poems Day 1

With my previous post, I made this crazy commitment to write a poem a day and send it off to another poet, as part of the August Postcard Poetry Fest.

I’ve been avoiding posting poems in public online spaces, because many venues (ahem. y’all know who you are) consider those poems then to be “published” and won’t let you submit them.

So why the exception here? Partly, these are so rough that it’s a good exercise in humility. Plus any that I’d consider for publication would need a serious overhaul (don’t think rhinoplasty; think witness protection program). Most importantly, though: publication isn’t the *point* of the August fest. It’s about loving writing, about connecting with strangers,about…well,singing together in the subway when the train stops and goes dark because there’s a glitch on the rails.  In that spirit, I’m sharing them here:

“Elephant Walking,” Eadweard Muybridge


They thump like ventricles
through the savannahs. Bent
grasses rise at their passing.
Somewhere outside a rainforest,
they learn again to paint.
What looks like opportunity
is recollection, recovered
in a crush of wild color.
In other places, they
circle their dead,
crying, return the next year.

*Note: No recipient names and addies for obvious reasons; have also given text of poem rather than making you struggle with my handwriting.

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