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TST: How to break spaghetti

Okay so everyone is going to read this and say, “You mean you only just figured this out?” But I’m passing it on anyhow because I’m proud of having figured it out:

You know how you’re supposed to  break dried spaghetti before you put it into boiling water? Particularly if you have a kid who refuses to actually wind his spaghetti while eating it and you’re tired of chasing trails of olive oil slime down the fronts of his shirts? Whenever I break a handful, even if I do it right over a humongous pot of water, inevitably – like some kind of explosion – there are broken off pieces EVERYWHERE. Seriously, all over the place, no matter what grip I use and how careful I am.

So I was thinking about bread crumbs (long and completely irrelevant story) and an idea came to me
[Macaroni seller, Naples, Italy] (LOC)

1) take a plastic bag (for me, ziplock – I keep old ones because I’m cost conscious mostly but I like to think it’s eco-conscious too – at least if you’re going to buy the damn things…okay, I’m digressing. Sorry)

2) put the spaghetti in it

3) close/zip the bag

4) twist the bag and the stuff inside it.

Ta dah! Broken spaghetti, all flying bits caught in bag rather than all over the floor. Note that spaghetti ends are sharp, so a heavier duty plastic bag will end up with indents (though I haven’t had one poke through yet). So  you may want a designated ziplock bag just for this purpose. If you use a thin plastic bag (like reuse a vegetable bag from the grocery store), it’s a one time thing – it’ll hold the bits in, but it’ll have holes so one use only. I keep my designated ziplock stored in the pantry right next to the bags of dry Trader Joe’s spaghetti. Now if I could just get the sprite to use a darned fork when he’s eating dinner…

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