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Day 7 of Nov PAD, note this is day 6 poem

So, okay, a theme emerges – something about evolution and time. Maybe that the organismal evolution somehow makes time more flexible, or fluid, or gives a way to maneuver through or past it. I can handle that. The poems however are going to need some work, but hell that’s okay 🙂


The wind uncovered
a skeleton’s edge
the edge of your bones.
They tell us you
nestled in trees
and walked upright
on the land beneath
much as my son does.
Your teeth show
You ate fruit;
Perhaps you threw the pits
from the tree
like a small human boy.
I could reach out my hand
Across eight million years
To hold your palm
as if to help you
cross the street.
If it would help,
I would say
that death did not destroy you.
I see you every day.

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